Euro 2020 Qualifiers — Who Needs What This Week? (November 2019)

There’s still lots to play for in the final two rounds of Euro 2020 qualifiers this week, with many of the remaining places for next year’s tournament still up for grabs.

Ukraine and Italy have already secured top spot in their respective groups, while Spain, Poland, Russia and Belgium have also qualified. That leaves fourteen places to be decided over the next week, with a further four qualifiers to come from the teams given a second chance through the playoffs next March.

Those playoff places will depend how many teams already guaranteed a playoff place (highlighted in GREEN below) actually qualify automatically, because that will determine which of the next highest-ranked teams will replace them in the playoffs.

At the moment, eight of those teams look like they won’t require their playoff places, which leaves eight other teams hopeful of a qualification lifeline. Thank you, UEFA!


Group by Group — Who Needs What This Week?

Group A

  1. EnglandWill qualify with a point against Montenegro, while a win will ensure top spot
  2. Czech Republic – A win over Kosovo would ensure qualification at their expense
  3. KosovoDefeat would end Kosovo’s automatic qualification hopes, but they are guaranteed a playoff
  4. MontenegroAlready out

Group B

  1. UkraineHave already qualified in top spot
  2. PortugalWill qualify with expected wins over Lithuania and Luxembourg
  3. SerbiaLook destined for their guaranteed playoff unless they win both games and Portugal slip up
  4. Luxembourg – Already out
  5. Lithuania – Already out

Group C

  1. Netherlands – Will qualify with a point against Northern Ireland, with Estonia still to play
  2. Germany – Will qualify with a victory if Northern Ireland fail to beat the Dutch, with the Irish still to play
  3. Northern IrelandEven wins over Netherlands and Germany could see the Irish need the playoffs
  4. BelarusBelarus cannot qualify but still have a guaranteed Nations League playoff to fall back on
  5. EstoniaAlready out

Group D

  1. Republic of ireland – Top of group with one to play, yet might not even get a playoff place
  2. DenmarkWins over Gibraltar and Ireland would see them top the group
  3. SwitzerlandVictories over Georgia and Gibraltar will guarantee either of the top two spots
  4. GeorgiaAlready looking towards their guaranteed Nations league playoff
  5. Gibraltar – Basement boys who ran Georgia close before losing 3-2 – already out

Group E

  1. Croatia – Qualify in top spot if they beat Slovakia, but might need the playoffs if they lose
  2. HungaryWill probably need to win in Wales to avoid slipping out of the top two
  3. SlovakiaProbably need a point off Croatia and then beat Azerbaijan to make the top two
  4. WalesWins against Azerbaijan and Hungary should see Wales through if Slovakia lose to Croatia
  5. AzerbaijanAlready out

Group F

  1. Spain – Already qualified, need a point to guarantee top spot
  2. SwedenWill qualify if they beat Romania
  3. RomaniaProbably need to beat Sweden and then Spain, but look good for an extra playoff place
  4. NorwayNeed a miracle to gain a top four spot, but already guaranteed a playoff spot
  5. Faroe islandsAlready out
  6. MaltaAlready out

Group G

  1. Poland – Already qualified and need another win to cement top spot
  2. AustriaA draw at home to North Macedonia will guarantee qualification 
  3. North Macedonia Need something remarkable to avoid calling in their guaranteed playoff spot
  4. SloveniaNeed to win both games and hope other unlikely results go their way
  5. Israel Need an even more unlikely scenario than Slovenia
  6. LatviaAlready out

Group H

  1. Turkey – Need a point at home to Iceland to qualify
  2. FranceNeed to win at home to Moldova to qualify
  3. IcelandNeed a miracle to qualify but look well set for an extra playoff place
  4. AlbaniaCannot qualify and will be hoping for an unlikely playoff place in the final shuffle
  5. AndorraAlready out
  6. MoldovaAlready out

Group I

  1. Belgium – Already qualified, a draw in Russia will guarantee top spot
  2. RussiaAlready qualified, two wins could sneak top place at Belgium’s expense
  3. CyprusAlready out
  4. ScotlandDisappointing campaign, and now resting everything on their guaranteed playoff
  5. KazakhstanAlready out
  6. San MarinoAlready out

Group J

  1. Italy – Already through as group winners
  2. FinlandAlready guaranteed a playoff place, but can qualify automatically by beating Liechtenstein
  3. ArmeniaNeed to win both games and hope Finland lose both of theirs to qualify
  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina Need a miracle, so will be thankful for their guaranteed playoff place
  5. GreeceUnable to qualify and unlikely to be gifted a back-door playoff place
  6. Liechtenstein – Already out

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