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If you’re a boxing fan, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest statistics and information about your favourite fighters. Fortunately, there are several websites dedicated to providing boxing fans and bettors with the latest updates, results, rankings, and insights.

These websites offer a wealth of information about the sport, including fighter profiles, match results, punch statistics, and more. Here are the go-to sources for anyone seeking reliable and comprehensive boxing statistics.



BoxStat is an online boxing database that offers comprehensive statistics and records for professional boxers. It provides user-friendly profiles of boxers, including their biographical details, records, weight classes, and fight history. The platform offers detailed fight records with information on opponents, outcomes, methods of victory, and round-by-round breakdowns.

BoxStat also features rankings for various weight classes, historical data for past fights, and encourages user interaction for data contribution and updates. It is a valuable resource for boxing enthusiasts, journalists, and sports bettors seeking detailed boxing statistics.


2. Boxrec

BoxRec is a highly reputable online boxing database. It provides comprehensive and reliable statistics on professional boxers and their fights.

on BoxRec, Boxers have detailed profiles with records, and the site offers rankings across weight classes. It maintains an extensive historical archive, provides event information, allows boxer comparisons, and encourages user contributions. Boxing fans and bettors can utilise BoxRec for its accurate and accessible boxing stats.



Box.Live is a user-friendly and comprehensive website that specialises in providing detailed boxing statistics. The platform provides up-to-date fight results, allowing users to search for past matches and stay informed about upcoming bouts. Fighter profiles offer in-depth information about boxers, including their records, weight classes, and biographical details.

Additionally, Box.Live provides statistical analysis of fights and punch statistics, offering deeper insights into the performances of boxers.


4. Sherdog is a renowned website primarily recognised for its in-depth coverage of mixed martial arts (MMA). However, it also provides boxing statistics and information. While boxing is not its primary focus, offers boxing news, analysis, and insights. It includes fighter profiles that provide basic details about boxers, their records, and notable fights. Additionally, presents fight results, allowing users to search for past bouts and explore the records of individual boxers.


5. YT Boxrec

YT BoxRec positions itself as the “official records keeper” for YouTube boxing, focusing on influencer and crossover bouts. As the current leading data source in this niche, it offers event lists, fighter profiles, fight results, news updates, and rankings. It caters specifically to the world of YouTube boxing and provides a centralised hub for accessing relevant information in this emerging field.


Important Boxing Stats For Bettors

As a bettor interested in boxing, there are several important statistics you should consider to make informed decisions.

  • Win-Loss Record: The win-loss record indicates a fighter’s overall success. However, it’s important to dig deeper and assess the quality of opponents they have faced.
  • Knockout Percentage: The knockout percentage tells you the number of fights a boxer has won by knockout. This statistic helps gauge a fighter’s punching power and finishing ability.
  • Rounds Fought: Examining the number of rounds a fighter has completed can indicate their endurance and stamina. It’s useful to know if a boxer tends to finish fights early or often goes the distance.
  • Reach: Reach refers to the distance from a fighter’s outstretched fist to the tip of their opposing shoulder. A longer reach can provide advantages in terms of landing punches while maintaining distance from opponents.
  • Height: Height can play a role in a boxer’s style and strategy. Taller boxers often use their reach advantage, while shorter boxers may rely on their agility and inside fighting skills.
  • CompuBox Statistics: CompuBox provides detailed punch statistics, including total punches thrown and landed, accuracy percentages, and power punches landed. Analysing these figures can help evaluate a boxer’s effectiveness and punch output.
  • Strength of Schedule: Assessing the quality of opponents a boxer has faced is crucial. Look at their previous opponents’ records and rankings to gauge the level of competition they have encountered.
  • Age and Physical Condition: Consider a boxer’s age and physical condition, as these factors can affect their performance. Older fighters may experience declines in reflexes and speed, while injuries can hinder performance.
  • Fighting Style: Understanding a boxer’s style is essential in predicting how they might fare against different opponents. Analyse whether they are aggressive brawlers, technical counterpunchers, or defensive-minded fighters.
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