Best Sites For Ice Hockey Statistics | Top NHL Stats Websites

When it comes to finding the best ice hockey statistics sites, there are a few platforms that stand out. These sites provide comprehensive and detailed statistical information, analysis, and tools to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the game. From tracking individual player performance to exploring team statistics and historical data, these websites offer valuable resources for hockey enthusiasts, sports bettors, and analysts alike.


1. Hockey Reference is a highly regarded hub for hockey enthusiasts seeking detailed statistical information. Its primary focus is on the National Hockey League (NHL), but it also covers minor leagues and international competitions. At, users can delve into a wealth of statistics, including goals, assists, points, plus/minus, penalty minutes, power-play goals, short-handed goals, shooting percentage, and faceoff percentage, among many others. For goaltenders, the site offers metrics such as wins, goals-against average, save percentage, shutouts, and more.


2. HockeyDB

HockeyDB is a comprehensive online database for hockey statistics and player information. It offers detailed player profiles, season and career statistics, team information, and league-specific data from various hockey leagues worldwide. Users can search and filter the information to find specific players, teams, or statistics. The website also provides access to historical data, covering past seasons and eras, and includes coverage of minor leagues and international competitions.


3. is the official statistics portal of the National Hockey League (NHL). It offers a comprehensive collection of statistical data related to NHL games, teams, and players. Users can access game, team, and player statistics, including goals, assists, points, time on ice, shooting percentage, and more. The website also provides season and historical data, leaderboards, and advanced analytics like Corsi and Fenwick. Users can customise their queries and filter data based on specific criteria.


4. Elite Prospects is a website that offers comprehensive hockey statistics and player information. It covers various leagues worldwide, including the NHL, minor leagues, European leagues, and junior hockey. The site provides detailed player profiles, team data, and advanced search options. It is particularly useful for tracking player performance, evaluating prospects, and staying updated on team statistics and player movements.


5. TSN is a trusted website providing comprehensive hockey statistics and information, primarily focusing on the NHL. It offers detailed player and team stats, including goals, assists, points, and more. The site also provides team-based data, schedules, standings, and playoff results. features analysis, expert opinions, and interactive tools for a comprehensive user experience. It is a go-to resource for fans and analysts seeking NHL statistics and insights.


Important Ice Hockey Stats For Betting

When it comes to sports betting on ice hockey, there are several key statistics that can be useful in making informed wagers. Here are some commonly considered hockey statistics:

  • Goal Differential: This stat indicates the difference between goals scored and goals allowed by a team. It provides insight into overall team performance and can help assess the strength of a team’s offense and defense.
  • Power Play Percentage: This measures a team’s success rate when they have a numerical advantage due to their opponent receiving a penalty. A high power play percentage suggests a team’s ability to capitalize on these opportunities.
  • Penalty Kill Percentage: This stat represents a team’s success rate in defending against opponents’ power plays. A high penalty kill percentage indicates a team’s ability to effectively kill penalties and limit their opponents’ scoring chances.
  • Shots on Goal: The number of shots a team takes during a game can indicate their offensive aggressiveness and scoring potential. It can also provide insight into a goaltender’s workload and their ability to make saves.
  • Save Percentage: This measures the percentage of shots a goaltender saves out of the total shots they face. A higher save percentage indicates a goaltender’s ability to make crucial saves and prevent goals.
  • Faceoff Win Percentage: Faceoffs play a significant role in gaining possession of the puck. A team with a high faceoff win percentage can control the game’s flow and create scoring opportunities.
  • Recent Performance: Analysing a team’s recent form, including their win-loss record, goal differentials, and performance against specific opponents, can provide insights into their current momentum and confidence.

Remember, while these statistics can be helpful, it’s important to consider additional factors such as injuries, lineup changes, home-ice advantage, and head-to-head matchups. Additionally, understanding the betting markets, odds, and the context of the game can further inform your betting decisions.

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