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For rugby enthusiasts and avid bettors, staying informed about the latest statistics and insights is essential. Thankfully, there are numerous dedicated websites that cater to rugby union and league fans, offering up-to-date information, results, and comprehensive data. If you’re looking for reliable and comprehensive rugby statistics, look no further than these go-to sources.


1. Rugby Pass

RugbyPass is a popular rugby platform that provides news, articles, and video content covering various rugby topics. It offers in-depth analysis, commentary, and editorial content from experts and journalists.

Additionally, RugbyPass features a fantasy rugby platform for users to create teams and compete with others. It has an active online community and forum for fans to engage in discussions. While RugbyPass offers valuable content, it may not be the most comprehensive source for detailed statistical data.


2. Premiership Rugby

The website is the official source for detailed statistics on the Gallagher Premiership, the top domestic rugby union competition in England. It provides comprehensive team and player statistics, including points, tries, tackles, lineouts, and more.

The site also offers an updated league table, fixtures, results, and match reports to track team performances. Overall, it serves as a valuable resource for fans, bettors, and rugby enthusiasts looking for in-depth information on the Gallagher Premiership.


3. Rugby Database is a website that provides comprehensive rugby statistics, primarily focusing on New Zealand rugby. It offers detailed match statistics, player profiles, and team statistics for various New Zealand competitions.

The platform allows users to access scores, try scorers, player performance data, and team records. It serves as a valuable resource for fans, bettors, and rugby enthusiasts interested in analysing and tracking New Zealand rugby.


4. Rugby League Records is the official website of the Rugby League Record Keepers’ Club (RKC), a group of statisticians and historians dedicated to documenting and sharing the complete history of Rugby League. They serve as the official statistics provider for International Rugby League. The website offers an extensive database of team, player, and referee statistics from Rugby League competitions worldwide.


5. All Rugby is a comprehensive website that offers extensive rugby statistics from various leagues and competitions worldwide. It provides detailed match statistics, player profiles with comprehensive data, and team records. The platform covers international and domestic rugby, making it a valuable resource for fans, bettors, and rugby enthusiasts seeking in-depth statistical information.


Important Rugby Stats For Betting

When it comes to rugby betting, there are several key statistics that can be valuable in assessing teams and making informed bets. Here are some important rugby statistics to consider:

  • Head-to-Head Record: Reviewing the historical head-to-head record between two teams can provide insights into their past performances and potential matchups. Look for patterns, trends, and dominance by one team over the other.
  • Recent Form: Analysing a team’s recent form is crucial. Consider their performance in the last few matches, including wins, losses, and draws. Look for consistency or any notable changes in their form.
  • Home and Away Performance: Different teams may have varying levels of success when playing at home or away. Assess their home and away records to understand if there is a home-field advantage or if they struggle in unfamiliar environments.
  • Points Scored and Conceded: Examining a team’s scoring ability and defensive strength is vital. Analyse the average points scored and conceded per game to gauge their attacking and defensive prowess.
  • Player Performance: Individual player statistics can offer valuable insights. Look for key players who consistently contribute to their team’s success through try-scoring, successful conversions, tackles made, or line breaks.
  • Weather Conditions: Weather can significantly impact a rugby match, particularly in outdoor stadiums. Consider how certain teams perform in specific weather conditions, such as rain, wind, or extreme heat.
  • Injury Updates: Stay informed about any significant injuries to key players or team changes that may affect performance. Injuries to key positions or players can significantly impact a team’s chances of success.
  • Discipline: Assess a team’s discipline by looking at the number of penalties they concede. Teams that consistently give away penalties may struggle to maintain possession and control the game.
  • Set-Piece Success: Scrums, lineouts, and conversions are critical set-piece moments in rugby. Evaluate a team’s success rate in executing set-piece plays to assess their ability to dominate these areas of the game.
  • Time of Possession: Understanding which team has more possession of the ball can indicate their ability to control the game and create scoring opportunities.

Remember, while statistics provide valuable insights, it’s important to consider other factors such as team dynamics, coaching strategies, and injuries.

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