Top 5 Tipsters For Your Portfolio — Exclusive £5 Discount

Many visitors to this site have already subscribed to a transparent Tipster Service, as recommended in my post: Best Sports Betting Tipsters.

But what individual Tipsters within those services should you add to your betting portfolio? Who’s offering the best value for money? What’s the best deal right now?

I’ve compiled a list of selected tipsters, proofed on the Tipstrr platform. They’re all in excellent current form and have a notable winning history. Simply click a tipster to view their portfolio.

But if you’ve still not signed up to Tipstrr you can claim £5 free credit to spend on the platform. So once you’ve found your Tipster, hit the big green button below before signing up!



Top 5 Tipsters For Your Portfolio

1. HODL!

  • Sport: Horse Racing
  • Joined Tipstrr: August 2018
  • Profitable months: 8/10
  • Overall ROI: 22%

About this service

HODL! took the Tipstrr community by storm when he joined the site back in August 2018, producing a relentless stream of eye-catching winning selections that saw his monthly ROI hover between 29% and 43% in each of his first six months.

While that level of performance is impossible to maintain, HODL! remains the jewel in the crown of Tipstrr’s horse racing tipsters — not just through his consistent returns, but through his level of professional service. From his daily previews and reviews to his daily tip publication and email alerts in the same regular half-hour window, right through to his well-researched tips at achievable odds, HODL! gives members everything that a serious bettor could hope for in a tipster.



2. The Each Way Racing Algorithm

  • Sport: Horse Racing
  • Joined Tipstrr: September 2018
  • Profitable months: 7/9
  • Overall ROI: 14%

About this service

As his name would suggest, The Each Way Racing Algorithm uses a different betting model to HODL!, by recommending each way bets only. But make no mistake: he isn’t constantly chasing longshot outsiders. Rather his betting strategy is steadier (lower variance), by focusing on horses finishing in the frame.

An overall ROI of 14% over nine months suggests that TEWRA has found a consistent method of reducing the risk of loss without sacrificing sustainable winning rewards.

It doesn’t hurt to include different tipsters within the same sport into your betting portfolio; often one brings something different to the table. So you may consider using this alongside HODL!, or another top ranked racing tipster.



3. Sports Insider

  • Sport: Football
  • Joined Tipstrr: August 2018
  • Profitable months: 8/10
  • Overall ROI: 18%

About this service

Football is second only to horse racing in terms of popularity in the UK betting community, and ought to be a shoe-in if you’re seriously considering covering all bases in your portfolio.

Sports Insider boasts 15 years experience in the betting industry and continues to prove his knowledge around the football markets during his 10-month stint with Tipstrr. Although he occasionally dabbles in other sports too, it is the beautiful game that has brought him most success. Interestingly, his overall ROI of 18% rises to 22% if only football is taken into account.

Sports Insiders 688 football tips have brought in 433 winners for a 63% success rate at average advised odds in excess of evens. Hence his outstanding profit to date.



4. Tennis Only

  • Sport: Tennis
  • Joined Tipstrr: August 2018
  • Profitable months: 9/10
  • Overall ROI: 8%

About this service

Tennis is notoriously difficult to bet on lucratively because its a game that weighs very much towards seedings and form; value is not easy to find. A good tennis tipster is something of a slow burner, bringing in a steady sustainable profit without ever tearing up any trees.

Tennis Only has proven his skills since joining Tipstrr in August 2018, with only one non-profitable month. He has gained most of his success by combining prohibitively low-priced favourites into winning doubles and trebles, exploiting the nature of the tennis betting market to maximum effect. A potentially valuable asset to any bettor’s portfolio.


5. Billgkr Tips

  • Sport: Basketball, Football, Tennis + others
  • Joined Tipstrr: January 2017
  • Profitable months: 20/29
  • Overall ROI: 7%

About this service

It’s a good idea to expand your betting portfolio to incorporate more sports — so how about a tipster who does just that all on his own?

Billgkr Tips is one of Tipstrr’s longest serving tipsters, having joined them back in January 2017. He’s enjoyed success in various sports over that time — although he wisely threw the towel in on Horse Racing after 4/4 losses losing months. Bill has produced lifetime profits in six of the other seven sports that he has covered. This includes all four of the major American sports.

The advantage of a multi-sport tipster is that you can use Tipstrr’s verified stats pages to identify where his strengths lie, and cherry-pick the sports that you want to follow with him. So while you might not be overly impressed by his 1% loss on soccer, a 10% profit over nearly 700 basketball tips and a 20% gain over 48 American football selections is impressive.



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Remember that you needn’t necessarily watch or even like the sports you bet on – as long as you’re generating a profit. Shop around for a combination of tipsters that provide you a steady, varied pool of bets covering various sports and markets. If tipsters are your thing, there’s ample choice at Tipstrr.

I’ll keep this list up-to-date — so save it to your favourites.

Last updated: 15/04/2019.

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