Best Sports Betting Podcasts | What’s Worth Listening To?

There are so many active sports betting podcasts, and they’re growing in numbers. But which ones are worth listening to?

Sports betting podcasts vary in terms of content and style. For instance, some podcasts focus on professional betting and improving results, while others delve deeper into sport from a fan perspective. Some are highly informative, while others take a light-hearted approach.

What defines a “good betting podcast” ultimately comes down to personal preference. Whatever you’re looking for, the following list will give you some excellent options.


1. Matchbook Betting Podcast

Hosts Tom Stanley and Matchbook’s Daniel Hussey preview the coming weekend’s sporting action covering a range of sports such as Horse Racing, Football, Greyhounds, Cricket, and NFL. An array of experts join the podcast to provide their insights and tips, making the Matchbook Betting Podcast an informative and enjoyable hub for sports bettors.

Matchbook have won several yearly “best betting podcast” awards from the reputable tipster proofing site, Smart Betting Club.

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2. Circles Off

The Circles Off podcast features Rob Pizzola and Johnny from Betstamp, a US-based bet tracker & odds comparison tool. The hosts share their thought process behind finding an edge, evaluating expected value, and earning from sports betting.

It’s evident that the hosts are knowledgeable on many of the same principles featured on this site. So I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their approach to betting.

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3. The Smart Betting Club Podcast

The Smart Betting Club podcast is hosted by the creators of the popular tipster proofing site of the same name. Pete from SBC explores the world of profitable betting and what it takes to generate a long-term edge. He interviews professional bettors and tipsters on the strategies and methods they use, markets they focus on, and sites they use to place bets.

The interviews are very insightful and uncover key points that you can incorporate into your own approach to sports betting.

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4. Be Better Bettors

Professional sports bettor @spanky interviews other pro gamblers and bookmakers to provide unique insights for his listeners. The podcast offers a combination of information, story-telling and advice from successful people within the sports betting industry.

While the Be Better Bettors podcast tends to focus on US sports, the topics are still relevant and enjoyable for sports bettors across the world.

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5. Football Betting Podcast

The Football Betting Podcast is another Matchbook presentation. It features weekly football tips across the top four English football leagues. The hosts are impressively knowledgeable on less prominent levels of football and utilise that to highlight stand-out prices for their listeners. All round, it’s an excellent listen for UK football fans.

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6. Betfair Betting Podcast

The Betfair Betting Podcast features specialists in horse racing, cricket, NFL and football. The show is informative, at times amusing, and offers a stream of sports betting tips. The horse racing show is highly praised by fans of the sport, and is deemed to be one of the best in the industry.

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7. Business Of Betting

The Business of Betting podcast is a little different from the others in this list, because it focuses on the business side of the sports betting world. It includes guest interviews from bookmakers, company CEOs, pro bettors, poker players, and just about anyone that’s making a living from sports betting. The podcast does not feature any sports betting tips, but instead delves into the strategies and methods used by both gambling companies and pro gamblers alike.

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8. OddsChecker Betting Show

The OddsChecker betting show offers a blend of analysis, interviews, and sports discussion focused on uncovering value in sports betting. It caters to those interested in previews, tips, and opinions, especially those keen on horse racing.

The benefit of tuning in to OddsChecker lies in its affiliation with numerous betting sites, ensuring that the quoted prices are not restricted to just a few platforms.

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9. The Sharp 600

The Sharp 600 is a concise, fast-paced podcast that packs NFL picks into 10 minute segments. Host Jason Logan talks spreads, totals, and props as well as bringing in the occasional guest — all while racing the clock.

If you’re looking for unique insights before placing NFL wagers, this podcast could be for you.

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10. Trademate Sports Betting Podcast

The Trademate podcast was hosted by Alex Vella from Trademate Sports — the company behind one of the top value bet finders on the market. Alex interviews a range of guests from all sports betting disciplines, debunking myths within the industry and discovering different ways to increase ROI. The podcast provides insights into profitable betting, how to avoid being limited by bookies and various ways in which value can be found.

The Trademate podcast is no longer active, I still suggest listening to its content as many episodes are evergreen and continue to hold relevance today.

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Toby @ Punter2Pro
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