Becoming a successful sports trader is tough — it’s very competitive. But professionals make a living from their strategies, so the opportunities are out there for you to find. To keep pace with the pros I recommend investing in a feature-rich, fast, ‘semi-automatic’ trading tool. For full automation a Bot is required.

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Recommended Sports Trading Products

1. BetTrader — The Only ‘In-Browser’ Betfair Software

Financial trader Adam Todd Founded his company ‘Racing Traders‘ in 2003, when he began turning his attention to the betting exchange. It wasn’t long before he developed the ‘BetTrader‘ software to optimise his approach to sports trading. It’s a groundbreaking product that pioneered the use of money ladders in sports betting.

Whilst the company name ‘Racing Traders‘ may suggest that it’s a horse racing product, it’s in fact perfect for any sport. The interface allows you trade across all the markets that make up a Betfair event.


2. Geeks Toy — For Rapid Betfair Trading

In 2007 whilst researching another project, ‘The Geek’ stumbled upon Betfair trading and noticed the absence of competitors to Bet Angel. Believing he could do better, he set himself the challenge of writing Geeks Toy.

In 2009 Geeks Toy was launched, and was an immediate success, setting new heights in performance, reliability and customisation.


3. BF Bot Manager — Build Your Own Fully Automated Trading Strategies

Since 2005 the experienced team at BF Bot Manager have created an wide range of configurable, custom-made Betting Exchange Bots. Most of these were built for the Betfair exchange. But many of their products are also compatible with Betdaq and Matchbook.

The BF Bot Manager products enable sports traders to test and implement their own strategies — as well as run entirely new ones — as easily as possible. The software is fast and flexible, with access to any sports market.

Tips for new subscribers:

  • V2 software is predominantly for running pre-configured strategies (with add-ons available)
  • V3 software is predominantly for creating and running your own strategies (with many flexible options available)


4. Betting Mastermind — Trading Strategies & Value Finding Tools

Mike Cruickshank, creator of several low-risk sports betting services, has developed several useful Betfair products:

  • “Betfair Renegade” — a value bet finder for Betfair, specialising in overpriced football odds in niche markets (e.g. lower division correct score).
  • “Betfair 1% Club” — a low risk scalping strategy for use on the Betfair markets.
  • “Betfair Sniper” — a detailed PDF explainer containing information on several entry-level Betfair strategies for horse racing.

These products come bundled with the Betting Mastermind package — which is absolutely worth the fee for any aspiring professional bettor that wants to learn the ropes. Learn more about it in my detailed review: Mike Cruickshank’s Betting Mastermind Review.

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