Football Betting Course — Learn Profitable Strategies With Orio Sports

Accurately calculating your own football odds to identify profitable (value) bets is challenging. It requires skill, experience and a sound data collection technique. Not everyone will succeed at earning long-term from their own betting model.

Your chances of success are however drastically improved if you’re willing to invest time and money into educating yourself. That’s where the Orio Sports football betting course comes in.


Creating A Successful Football Betting Strategy Doesn’t Come Easy

I previously wrote a post on the basics of creating a football prediction model. But I purposely didn’t delve into the specifics of the techniques I outlined. It wouldn’t have made for fun reading (or writing for me). Then I couldn’t possibly guarantee anyone would make a profit.

Truth is, there isn’t really any kind of short-cut when it comes to developing a profitable betting strategy. You either apply yourself, and dig deep to find an edge, or explore easier ways to earn — such as:

But Most Bettors Dream of Creating their Own Sustainable Selection Method.

To achieve this you need to acquire knowledge that the majority of other punters don’t have.

Don’t fall into the trap of convincing yourself that high level analyses such as “Burnley are hard to break down” or “Man City are unstoppable” will make your bets pay. You need to know more. I’ve demonstrated that from my Mug Betting experiment here.

The problem in trying to outsmart the football betting markets is that your own betting model needs a little more “under the bonnet” than core statistics — such as previous scorelines, goals, recent form, shots, and so on. Analysing the basic stats alone isn’t enough to consistently tip the odds in your favour.

So if you’re up for the challenge, and want to learn practical techniques for identifying profitable value bets from various leagues and markets, then a football betting course is a good way to go.

The Orio Sports Football Betting Course

Orio Sports extends several of the concepts I’ve covered on this site, and packages it into a practical football betting course. It teaches you exactly how to create a betting strategy. The logic and methodology is explained, the statistics are provided, and members are able to ask staff for assistance at any point.

I’m pleased to find that the Orio Sports football course aligns so well with almost everything I believe (and preach) about football betting. Particularly concepts like the Wisdom of Crowds Theory. So if you enjoy the content on this site, their course might interest you.

Here’s my breakdown of the Orio Sports football betting course


Credibility & Trustworthiness Of Orio Sports

The first big question on my mind about Orio Sports was: do I trust them to provide a football betting course?

If you research Orio Sports you’ll find information about it’s owner and founder, Rob Okell, who was a Professional Poker player for over 10 years. Other members of his team also have a breadth of relevant experience — such as running Betfair trading courses, identifying value in sports betting, and trading in the financial markets. On paper, they’re the right people to be giving out advice on a football betting course.

I find Rob’s story, found on the nice-looking Orio website, very relatable:

During Rob’s search for tuition & mentoring, he repeatedly came up against the same brick wall. The training available was too fragmented or of poor quality. Lacking the structure & depth to effectively explain the technical aspects of successful Trading.

This resonates with me, as it was the lack of good quality information on sports betting that compelled me on to write this website in the first place.

Now, some of the worst sports betting services can look the part and talk the talk (e.g. SportsSpread, or this unnamed tipping service). What makes Orio Sports different?

Well, I’ve spoken with staff at Orio and worked through the course myself. There’s no doubt that their team are knowledgeable, experienced — and importantly — qualified to offer a football betting course. Amongst the countless scams I’ve encountered in the sports betting world, Orio certainly isn’t one of them. No worries there.


Course Accessibility & Ease Of Use

Another question I had about the Orio Sports football betting course was: who is it really aimed at?

After completing the course, I concluded that whilst the Orio Sports football betting course does offer excellent information & resources — it’s not ideal for everyone.

Let’s start with the positive: the user interface. It’s simple and clean, incorporating a collection of videos accompanied by well-written explanations. At any point in the course a subscriber can see how far they’ve worked through the course and how much is left to complete. I can’t imagine anyone experiencing major difficulties navigating the site.

 The simple user interface makes it easy to revisit  sections of the course.

Football Betting Course From Orio Sports (Value betting trading course)


However, whilst working through the course I tried to imagine that I had very little knowledge on football betting, statistics, or working with Microsoft Excel. I couldn’t help but think that the course might be difficult for the complete beginner to get to grips with.

The football betting course from Orio Sports isn’t like Matched Betting, where absolutely no understanding of odds is required to earn yourself a profit. Even with the well-produced materials (spreadsheets, statistics, videos etc.), you still need to grasp what the calculations are actually doing in order to stand the best chance of adjusting the model to your benefit. Thus, a basic understanding of sports betting and statistics is recommended.

In my opinion, people with the following occupations/backgrounds are most suited to taking the Orio Sports football betting course:

  • Betfair Traders / Frequent Bettors
  • Finance / Banking / Accounting
  • Computer Science / Programming / IT
  • Mathematics / Statistics

It’s worth reiterating that you’re free to contact the Orio Sports staff for ongoing assistance at any point. They should be able to help you resolve difficulties you have, which is great.

If you want to learn more about football odds before starting out with Orio Sports, I suggest reading through my Professional Betting Archives.


Methodology & Course Content

Most importantly, does the course guide its subscribers towards earning a profit?

It’s possible, but not guaranteed.

The course packs everything you need to start creating your own football odds. It includes video tutorials, written explanations, and past & ongoing statistics that enable you to continue adapting and improving your own betting model. It encourages subscribers to forget about tipping sites and instead focus on creating their own selections using hard-to-find data items.

Tip: In general, the more difficult the data collection technique, the better. Rare data means less competition (like this for horse racing).

Orio Sports teaches proven football modelling concepts — such as the Poisson distribution — and takes them one step further. In particular, it focuses on incorporating Expected Goals (xG) statistics, which I’m a big fan of.

Why I Rate Expected Goals (xG)

It’s the most transparent way to analyse football (at the moment).

Expected Goal (xG) stats quantify attempts on goal. This cuts through the sentiment and evaluates performances from a scientific standpoint. Using it in your betting strategy improves your accuracy and maximises your expected value (EV).

the Orio football betting course focuses on expected goals (xg).

Football Betting Course From Orio Sports (Value betting trading course)


Just bare in mind that the Orio Sports football betting course doesn’t spoon-feed profitable selections… 

The course is there to educate you on how to create your own sustainable betting strategy. It takes work. But it’s potentially more rewarding than relying on existing, popular (and often completely flawed) systems. Identifying little-known value is what gives longevity to your profits.

For short-term gains with no additional work, look no further than the Trademate Sports value betting service. Just be aware that Bookmakers will eventually cap your stakes and/or close your accounts for value betting. The same fate applies to some winning Tipster services, too. Thus, Orio Sports might help some of you reach a new milestone in your betting career: developing your own football strategy for Betfair (or Bet Brokers).


The Price Of The Course

How much is the Orio Sports football betting course? Is it worth the cost?

Orio Sports offers 2 courses:

  1. Introduction to Football Odds (£99)
  2. The Football Betting Masterclass: How to Win at Football Betting (£375 — 50% off)

To obtain valuable information about football modelling and benefit from hard-to-find statistics, the Complete Football Odds Compilation Course is the option you want. But is it really worth the £375 price tag?

It largely depends on your point of view.

In Favour of the Price:

  • The price is in-line with industry standards for sports trading courses.
  • It’s developed by experts and provides little-known information. Thus it commands a relatively high price tag.
  • Expected Goals, known as “big chance data”, is the single most effective way of predicting future performance. I believe the data has value in itself.
  • Employing someone (e.g. a statistician, or programmer) to develop a comparable model would cost a lot more than £375. Furthermore, he/she might not be accustomed to football betting to begin with.
  • The data and tools provided by Orio Sports are both difficult and time consuming to collect and  reproduce.
  • Ongoing data updates enable bettors to create a sustainable, long-term betting model.
  • The seemingly expensive price tag deters the masses. The less saturated the market, the more opportunity there is to pick off value.
  • On-going support is available to subscribers. Any problems you have are addressed on a personal basis.

Against the Price:

  • You need to have an understanding of sports betting odds and using spreadsheets to make the most from the course. It might be a little too advanced for beginners.

  • The £375 price tag is an expensive upfront cost for a course that doesn’t guarantee profits.

  • Seasoned bettors may already be aware of some of the techniques taught on the course.
  • Some basic information provided on the course is available on sites such as this one.  This slightly lowers its overall value.
  • Completing the course requires time and effort. If you don’t apply yourself, you’re unlikely succeed.
  • Some topics on the course could do with expanding. The content currently focuses on past data analysis. But it would be useful to present more studies on live market movements and other methods for identifying value bets.

The Real Value of the Orio Sports Football Betting Course

It could save you months of research. It could even save you hundreds, or thousands of pounds in employing someone to assist in developing advanced data collection techniques and betting strategies.

For the price, the course teaches the foundations required for a career in football betting. It sets aspiring professional bettors off on the right track, equipped with new knowledge and tools.

…But if you’re looking for a quick-money scheme, this investment isn’t for you.

Collecting a large data set and creating a Microsoft Excel betting strategy is a huge task in itself. This course streamlines the entire process.

Football Betting Course From Orio Sports (Strategy trading course using expected goals xG)


Still, the Course Could be Slightly Cheaper, Right?

Well, now it is.

I’ve spoken with Orio Sports and I’m able to offer an exclusive 10% discount if you follow the links on this page and use code “PUNTER10” when signing up. This brings the football betting course down to £337.50, and for some of you, a relatively small investment for the advanced methods you’ll be able to use going forward.


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