7 Football Players That Sealed Ultra High-Paying Contracts

Have you ever pondered the fortunes of football’s highest-paid players? While football is undoubtedly a lucrative career path, there are a select few players that have blown the average earnings out of the water. These individuals have redefined what it means to be financially successful in the world of football.

Today, I delve into the realm of football’s highest-paying contracts of all time. It’s fascinating to note the staggering amounts the very top players earn, and to observe whether this correlates to on-field success. But before you place your bets at a bookmaker, betting exchange — or even an alternative site such as Lottoland casino — let’s uncover the jaw-dropping figures behind the salaries of seven renowned football icons.


Paul Pogba – £15+ Million Per Year

Paul Pogba left an indelible mark on Juventus, playing a pivotal role in their resurgence and solidifying his name as a football icon during that period. After his successful stint with Juventus, he made a move to Manchester United, where he clinched a substantial contract, earning an impressive £15 million per year. A remarkable achievement!


Andres Iniesta – £23+ Million Per Year

An unexpected member among the big earners is none other than Andres Iniesta. Surprising many, the Spanish midfielder secured a remarkable deal with J-League team Vissel Kobe, extending his contract until 2023 and earning a staggering £23 million annually. Such a substantial income highlights Iniesta’s enduring talent and the immense value he brings to the team.


Gareth Bale – £25+ Million Per Year

During Gareth Bale’s tenure at Real Madrid until 2022, he enjoyed substantial financial rewards, boasting an astonishing annual income of around £25 million. However, in his most recent contract, there was a noticeable shift, as the offer was for approximately £1 million annually, taking into account his age and susceptibility to injuries. Despite the significant drop in earnings, it’s important to acknowledge that such an income would still be a reason for celebration for the majority of us!


Kylian Mbappe – £40+ Million Per Year

Kylian Mbappe’s time at Paris Saint-Germain has catapulted him to the ranks of the highest-paid footballers ever to grace the pitch, with his anticipated earnings surpassing an astounding £43 million annually. However, it is well-known that his ultimate dream has been to don the legendary white jersey of Real Madrid. With the news of him not renewing his contract at PSG, football enthusiasts worldwide are eager to witness whether this long-cherished dream becomes a reality in the near future.


Lionel Messi – £40+ Million Per Year

Lionel Messi’s contract with Inter Miami is testament to his status as a top football player, with estimates placing it anywhere between €50 and €60 million annually. Taking into account the contract’s overall value, it is projected to reach a staggering £130 million – a truly substantial sum by any measure. The significance of this deal extends beyond just football; it showcases the increasing financial influence and investment in the sport outside of Europe.


Neymar – £45+ Million Per Year

Neymar’s controversial decision to join PSG meant he secured one of the most substantial six-year contracts in football history. Leaving Barcelona behind, Neymar penned a £45m per year deal — but can you blame him? The transfer made headlines across the football world, sparking debates and speculation about the impact of such significant financial investments in the sport.


Cristiano Ronaldo – £60+ Million Per Year

Claiming the top spot is Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most iconic figures in the football world, with a career spanning two remarkable decades both on and off the pitch. His accolades include the prestigious title of “the first man to score in five World Cup tournaments,” — a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication. Considering Ronaldo’s outstanding career and legendary status, it comes as no surprise that his contract with Al Nassr was exceptionally lucrative, at £60m+ per year.


Final Thoughts

Today, we’ve explored the incredible journeys of seven exceptionally skilled (and highly popular) football players who have achieved unparalleled success and recognition, securing their place among the highest-paid athletes of all time. While not every aspiring footballer may reach such heights, these individuals serve as shining examples of what can be achieved through unwavering passion and determination in the world of sport.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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