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Please note that there are no affiliate links featured in this review. This means that we will not receive a commission if you proceed to open an account at this bookmaker. Unlike many other gambling referral sites, we remain committed to reviewing bookmakers that we do not actively endorse. This approach ensures that bettors have the opportunity to explore all available options, rather than solely focusing on those that might be advantageous for us.


Review Summary


  How were these ratings created?

In this review of Kwiff, I’ve examined a set of standard criteria to establish an impartial and data-driven rating for the bookmaker. Each of the above criterion is assigned a weight corresponding to its importance, with factors such as Odds and Features carrying more influence than others.

This methodical approach eliminates subjectivity and guarantees that only significant factors influence the overall rating. This results in a fair and objective assessment of the betting site, shedding light on both its strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike many other sites, Punter2Pro adheres to an identical process for all betting site reviews, ensuring that no brand receives an unjust advantage over another — regardless if we are affiliated with them or not.

About Kwiff

Established in 2015 by ‘Eaton Gate Gaming Limited,’ Kwiff operates as an online bookmaker and holds a single UK license. It exclusively functions as a digital platform without a physical presence.

Aligning with the standards of legal and reputable online betting sites, Kwiff incorporates various protective measures. These include SSL data encryption technology, ensuring the complete encryption of all transactions. Two-factor authentication is implemented to prevent unauthorised access to user accounts, and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) processes are in place for customer identification and fraud deterrence.

The platform also employs Secure Payment Processing to manage financial transactions securely and Geo-Fencing to confirm users’ compliance with local regulations and legal betting areas.

As a regulated entity, Kwiff incorporates essential ‘safer gambling’ tools such as Deposit Limits, Reality Checks, Time-Outs, and Self-Exclusions. Additionally, the site holds eCOGRA certification, signifying approval for its systems as ‘Safe and Fair,’ providing users with an extra layer of protection.

Bookmaker Profile


Eaton Gate Gaming Limited




Target Markets



English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, Indian




1. Product Range


Kwiff’s online platform offers three primary products: Sportsbook, Casino, and Live Casino. The small range of services reflects the site’s focus on catering to the most popular gambling products.

In the realm of betting products, Kwiff presents a comprehensive sportsbook featuring a wide array of sports and markets, allowing users to engage in betting across various sporting events.

Kwiff stands out as a unique and innovative bookmaker, notably introducing the “kwiffing” feature. This feature provides customers with the opportunity to have their odds “kwiffed”, resulting in enhanced odds on their bets.


Popular products offered by many betting sites. These count more towards the score for this section than 'Specialist' products.


Specialised "niche" products offered by some betting sites. These count less towards the score for this section than 'Standard' products.

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2. Sports & Markets


Kwiff’s sportsbook section boasts coverage of 19 sports, making up 33% of all sports considered in my bookmaker reviews—15 less than the average. The list below highlights popular sports with an asterisk.

Kwiff mainly caters to various traditional sports, like football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, basketball and golf. Notably, football markets stand out, encompassing competitions from around the world. Although the coverage within each sport is not exceptionally broad, it presents a solid variety of options that will suit the majority of players.

The in-play betting experience on Kwiff is noteworthy, featuring detailed timelines summarising ongoing events, and commentary. While live streaming isn’t available, the platform compensates with live statistics, including average minutes in attack and win probability percentages. 

All Available Sports (A-Z)

  • Shooting
  • Snooker*
  • Softball
  • Specials
  • Speedway
  • Surfing
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis*
  • Triathalon
  • Trotting
  • Virtual Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Winter Sports
  • Wrestling

  How are sports & markets graded?

To assess this section, every sport has been classified based on its betting popularity, assigning greater importance to widely sought-after sports like Football, Horse Racing, and Tennis, in contrast to those with a more limited audience appeal.

Furthermore, the inclusion of market depth (betting options) also contributes to the overall score, emphasising the importance of “quality over quantity”.

This approach ensures that not only the sports but also the richness and diversity of betting options within each sport are taken into account in the evaluation process.

Out of 10

3. Odds

Very Poor

In a random selection of 20 bets, Kwiff’s odds lagged behind the betting exchange Back odds by 14.62%. The average decimal price for the bookmaker’s odds in the sample was 2.71, to the betting exchange’s 3.18.

This indicates a significant disparity, with Kwiff’s odds falling far below the leading price. This is a major weak point of the Kwiff bookmaker. The only redeeming factor is the occasional random boost or “kwiff”, which has the potential to increase the odds. However, these occurrences are unpredictable.

While the data in my sample doesn’t offer a precise gauge of Kwiff’s price value, it does provide insights into the potential variance between their odds and the top price on the betting exchange. Consequently, this comparison significantly impacts the overall rating of this bookmaker.

Bookmaker vs Exchange Odds

Note: Please be aware that this sample only includes odds from top-flight European football leagues. To ensure uniformity across all bookmaker reviews, odds were capped at 10.0. We are committed to enhancing the depth and precision of this data regularly.

  Why are the exchange odds higher?

The betting exchange provides industry-leading odds generated by the public, traded peer-to-peer rather than against the betting company. These odds are widely considered the most accurate in the market. The betting exchange earns its revenue through a commission, usually applied to winnings.

In contrast, bookmakers operate under a different model, incorporating a margin or “edge” into their odds. Consequently, the prices offered by bookmakers tend to be lower than those found on the betting exchange.

This crucial information is often overlooked by many gambling affiliate sites, but for the sake of transparency, it should be common knowledge. Despite this, bookmakers give many advantages over betting exchanges.

Out of 10
Very Poor

4. Bonuses


Let’s be frank: Kwiff’s odds are not the most competitive, making it crucial for them to sweeten the deal for their sports betting customers.

The current Kwiff signup bonus (‘Bet £10 Get £30’) is competitive and aligns with the value offered by comparable betting sites. As of the current writing, it stands 13.9% above the average value of free bets featured on this site.

The platform also excels in providing enticing promotions, offering a variety of bonuses for regular players, including

  • “Acca shield” (accumulator insurance)
  • First past the post (insurance for when horses are first in the race, but are disqualified or demoted)
  • 2nd place to favourite horse racing and greyhound refunds (when a selection is 2nd, behind the the lowest SP participant)
  • “Supercharge your weekend” (enhanced odds)

Ongoing promotions, or ‘reloads,’ are often worthwhile for regular bettors at Kwiff, providing ongoing value.

Overall, the site delivers good value through its bonuses. If you haven’t yet opened an account, you can claim the signup promotion by visiting the Kwiff website.

Is The Signup Bonus Worth It?

According to our calculations, an average customer stands to gain approximately £15.58 in value by taking advantage of this promotion.

This reflects a favourable proposition for the player, although it’s important to note that this value serves as a guideline. Participating in this promotion still involves the risk of losing the initial qualifying bet. Therefore, while the promotion offers potential value, it doesn’t guarantee a profit for every participant.

  How was this bonus valued?

This bonus was mathematically valued using an “average case” scenario. This makes few important assumptions:

  1. Odds gathered in the previous section are assumed to be representative of the overall value offered by the betting site. 
  2. Qualifying bets are assumed to be placed at the minimum required odds for the promotion (1.5) to reduce risk.
  3. Free bets are assumed to be placed at decimal odds of 3.5, representing “medium risk” outcomes.

The same assumptions apply in all betting site reviews featured on Punter2Pro. This ensures that free bets & promotions can be compared consistently and fairly.

This approach helps to highlight valuable promotions, as well as cases where a typical bettor does not stand to benefit.

Out of 10

5. Payment Options


Kwiff offers 4 distinct payment methods for fund transfers on its betting site, covering 10% of all recognised methods reviewed.

Three of the available payment methods are classified as ‘core’ payment methods, commonly found at any established betting site. The one remaining method (ecoPayz) is a little less popular, though some customers may choose to utilise it.

It’s important to note that core payment methods carry more weight in determining the bookmaker’s score in this section.

Kwiff does not offer some prominent payment methods widely used in the gambling industry, including Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard. Regrettably, this impacts their rating in this section.

Popular Methods Supported

EcoPayz | Gambling E-Wallet | Pros & Cons

All Available Methods (A-Z)

Out of 10

6. Withdrawal Speed


Kwiff’s withdrawal times vary depending on the chosen method but are generally processed at a moderate competitive average speed of up to 4 working days

According to the data collected, this speed is 83.29% slower than the average of all bookmakers reviewed on this site. Nonetheless, this will not be a a deal-breaker for every player.

The speed of withdrawals plays a substantial role in determining the bookmaker’s overall rating, as every sports bettor deserves prompt access to their funds. So Kwiff has lost valuable points here.

Payment MethodWithdrawal TimeMinimumFee

Bank Transfer
3 - 5 days£5Free

3 - 5 days£5Free

3 - 5 days£5Free

3 - 5 days£5Free

  How is withdrawal speed graded?

The rating for this section is derived from a combination of data, incorporating:

  • The bookmaker’s officially stated withdrawal times, dependent upon the successful completion of Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • Average withdrawal times as reported by actual customers with real-world experiences.

I aim to gather enough data to provide accurate estimates of the withdrawal times for various payment methods. If insufficient data exists for a particular method, it is not included in the above list, and therefore does not impact the rating.

Out of 10

7. Features


What features does Kwiff offer to elevate the quality of its service?

Kwiff provides 6 primary Sports Betting features, placing it at an average level. Among these features is the Cash Out option, granting users more control over their bets.

Kwiff offers a unique feature whereby odds on bets can get “kwiffed”. This is when the odds are suddenly improved. Players could get kwiffed on any bet (regardless of the sport, odds or stake), but cannot control when it happens. When it does, it happens uniquely to the customer and no one else. This adds an element of excitement to the sports betting process.

Nevertheless, the lack of a Bet Builder and Request A Bet (RAB) at Kwiff is noteworthy. While these features are commonplace at conventional bookmakers, Kwiff tends to focus on its own distinctive and unique gimmick.

Additionally, Kwiff includes 3 primary Customer Support features, facilitating general inquiries, checking bonus eligibility or terms, and handling requests for self-exclusions or time-outs.

If these features align with your requirements, Kwiff could be a suitable betting site for you.

Sports Betting

Features that enhance the sports betting experience. These count more towards the score for this section than 'Customer Support' features. 

Customer Support

Features that enable customers to seek assistance quickly and effectively. These count less towards the score for this section than 'Sports Betting' features.

  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Support
Out of 10

8. User Interface


Given the subjective nature of evaluating Kwiff’s user interface and the varying preferences among bettors, I’ve evaluated it based on specific criteria, resulting in two distinct ratings:

  • Mobile: Decent, meets expectations
  • Desktop: Satisfactory, room for improvement

It’s worth noting that the mobile version holds slightly more weight in the overall user interface rating, reflecting the growing trend of bettors favouring apps over traditional desktop sites.

The Kwiff mobile app boasts a stylish design, characterised by bold and modern purple, white, and black elements, setting it apart in the market.

This aesthetic appeal may attract casual users, but it also highlights a significant drawback: the app's limited capacity to display multiple selections simultaneously. Rather than offering a comprehensive sportsbook experience, it resembles more of a gaming app, providing access to popular selections rather than a broad range of betting opportunities.

Navigating the app involves visiting the home screen and selecting a sport from the horizontal menu to explore specific markets. However, this process could be enhanced with an A-Z vertical listing of sports and a search feature -- both of which are currently absent.

Additionally, transitioning between other mobile apps results in noticeable delays in reconnecting, significantly detracting from the overall user experience. Hopefully, this issue is not a common occurrence.

On a positive note, the match centre's infographics, featuring live game statistics, contribute to an enriched user experience.

Nonetheless, despite its bold and original appearance, the Kwiff app falls short in terms of functionality, leaving much to be desired.

Mobile Ratings

The Kwiff website showcases a bold and modern design, with its distinctive purple/black/grey colour scheme. However, it's evident that the site has been primarily optimised for mobile and tablet usage.

While the aesthetics are striking, personally, I'd prefer a lighter theme for easier readability. The fonts are sleek and contemporary, but the oversized elements on the page limit the ability to view odds comprehensively at a glance.

Sports are neatly listed with horizontal icons, although given the variety of sports offered by Kwiff, a traditional vertical sidebar might offer more effective navigation. That said, the inclusion of a search feature is a positive addition to the site, providing access to odds.

Similar to the mobile version of Kwiff, users have access to match centers for both live and upcoming games, providing statistics like head-to-head comparisons. However, there are occasional delays in loading times.

Overall, while I appreciate the ambition and bold styling of the Kwiff website, its practicality falls short compared to other alternatives.

Desktop Ratings
Out of 10

9. Fund Protection


Another important consideration is fund protection. How secure is your money with Kwiff?

The site holds a ‘Medium’ fund protection rating, as evaluated by the Gambling Commission. This rating indicates that certain measures are implemented to keep customer funds separate from the company’s accounts, ensuring the distribution of assets to customers in the event of insolvency. It is essential to note, however, that fund protection is not guaranteed.

While fund protection is a vital aspect, the financial performance of the company is a more realistic indicator of the likelihood of insolvency. The company behind Kwiff, Eaton Gate Gaming, has been operating at a loss but has demonstrated significant growth within the industry for a new company. It should be mentioned that this loss was recorded at the end of 2021, as the 2022 statement has not been published.

The average annual profit across all the sites I’ve assessed stands at +£51.9 million. Consequently, Kwiff seems considerably distant in terms of financial performance, and only time will unveil the implications for the company’s future. Therefore, if you opt to bet with this brand, it is wise to keep a low account balance.

Lastly, I researched account dormant fees, charged on the balance inside inactive betting accounts. Kwiff imposes account dormant fees of £5 per month after 13 months of inactivity. This goes against the score for this section, as some bookmakers do not charge dormant fees.

By considering these potential risk factors collectively, a fair score has been assigned for this section.

  How accurate are these profit figures?

I’ve made every effort to research the pre-tax profits of the featured gambling sites in my reviews, but I cannot guarantee absolute accuracy.

Due to the complex setups of gambling companies, which are often divided into different parts around the world, complications arise in determining their true profitability. Moreover, the landscape is constantly evolving with frequent mergers and investments occurring, adding yet another layer of complexity to unravel.

While I strive to offer a helpful insights, it is advisable for you to conduct further research if you have any concerns.

Out of 10

10. reputation


As a final assessment, I’ve assessed Kwiff’s reputation, emphasising customer satisfaction levels and brand image.

To accurately gauge public perception, I’ve compiled insights from various sources, including customer feedback platforms and respected gambling communities. The result is an average user rating of 8.63 out of 10, depicting the bookmaker as reliable, with a relatively low number of complaints. In essence, players generally express high satisfaction with Kwiff’s service.

As an additional measure, I’ve confirmed that, at the time of writing, Kwiff has 1 regulatory action recorded with the Gambling Commission, indicating potential breaches of their license. While such actions are not unusual and may not necessarily be alarming for customers, it’s worth noting that the company does not hold a flawless record. The most recent action did not occur within the past year, and therefore, it does not impact the rating for this section.

  Do any sites have an immaculate reputation?

It’s highly unlikely that any betting site will score maximum points in this section, for a good reason — none of them are perfect.

Even the most prominent and reputable sites in the online gambling business have weathered their fair share of bad publicity, and I won’t shy away from that.

Nevertheless, the landscape of the gambling sector is undergoing positive transformations. Faced with heightened regulatory scrutiny and societal expectations, companies are being forced to improve their standards. Many are rising to the occasion, creating a significant gap between the commendable platforms and those falling way short of the mark.

I hope that the industry continues to push for a more responsible, enjoyable experience for all customers and that, eventually, this section will produce higher ratings in my reviews.

Learn more: Problems In The Gambling Industry

Out of 10


According to the Punter2Pro bookmaker rating system, Kwiff receives a total score of 4.9, indicating significant room for improvement compared to higher-rated sites. With numerous better alternatives available, Kwiff falls short of the mark.

My Opinion

While Kwiff boasts a good reputation and satisfied users, it’s hard to wholeheartedly recommend the platform due to its significantly below-average odds.

For casual players accustomed to slot-style games featuring high house edges, the low odds may not be a critical factor. However, the uncertainty surrounding whether odds will be boosted (or “kwiffed”) creates ambiguity, and cannot be relied upon.

While Kwiff offers a reasonably broad coverage of sports and provides decent bonuses, it lacks any standout advantages that set it apart from competitors. The underwhelming score produced by my rating system reinforces my view that there are superior alternative bookmakers available.

Out of 10



What is Kwiff and when was it established?

Kwiff is a bookmaker established in 2015 by the company ‘Eaton Gate Gaming Limited’.

What products does Kwiff offer?

Kwiff features three main products: Sportsbook, Casino, and Live Casino.

What's unique about Kwiff?

Kwiff’s standout feature, known as “kwiffing,” offers customers the chance to have their odds “kwiffed,” resulting in enhanced odds on their bets.

How extensive is Kwiff's sports and market coverage?

Kwiff covers over 15 sports, offering a variety of events within each category. The site primarily focuses on traditional sports and lacks coverage of specials or unconventional betting opportunities.

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