Best Sites For Formula 1 Statistics | Top F1 Stats Websites

Whether you’re a devoted Formula 1 enthusiast aiming to analyse driver performances or a sports bettor in search of dependable statistics, your quest ends here. Discover a wealth of racing information on the following F1 statistics websites. Renowned for their precise and up-to-date data, these platforms serve as your ultimate go-to sources, catering to all your Formula 1 information and analysis requirements.


1. Stats F1 is a website dedicated to providing comprehensive statistical information and data related to Formula 1. It offers detailed profiles of Formula 1 drivers and teams, including career statistics, race results, podium finishes, and more. The site also features an extensive database of race results, allowing users to access information on starting grids, race classifications, fastest laps, and retirements. Championship standings for drivers and teams are regularly updated, providing insights into their performance throughout the season. also offers track records, lap times, and historical data, enabling comparisons and analysis across different seasons. The website serves as a valuable resource for Formula 1 bettors, offering statistical analysis, historical records, news articles, and race previews to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the sport.


2. Motorsport Stats

Motorsport Stats is the data and analytics division of Motorsport Network, catering to millions of avid car and racing enthusiasts. As part of the renowned Motorsport Network, which attracts a wide audience and generates substantial monthly page impressions, Motorsport Stats has established itself as a leading destination for fans in search of the most up-to-date news and stories from the world of F1.

Specialising in statistical analysis, Motorsport Stats offers a wealth of invaluable insights and data encompassing various aspects of the sport. From comprehensive results to detailed information about drivers, teams, and venues, Motorsport Stats provides a statistical overview that enhances fans’ understanding and appreciation of motorsport. By delving into the numbers and trends, fans and bettors can gain a deeper perspective on the performances, achievements, and dynamics within the F1 world.


3. GP Racing Stats

GP Racing Stats offers an extensive collection of Formula 1 statistics. Whether you’re looking for information on drivers, teams, circuits, seasons, or specific grand prix events, GP Racing Stats has you covered.

The website is a treasure trove of data, providing detailed insights into the performance and history of Formula 1. It features an impressive list of F1 records, allowing fans to explore and appreciate the remarkable achievements and milestones in the sport. This section includes data on wins, podiums, pole positions, fastest laps, front row starts, points, retirements, race starts, race entries, and much more.

From historical data to current statistics, GP Racing Stats serves as a valuable resource for Formula 1 bettors or enthusiasts seeking to delve into the rich statistical landscape of the sport.


4. Racing-Statistics specialised in delivering data for Formula 1. The website is a valuable resource for passionate Formula 1 enthusiasts, providing a wealth of detailed profiles on drivers and teams. These profiles encompass essential data such as career statistics, race results, podium finishes, and other relevant information, offering a comprehensive understanding of the performance and achievements of individuals and teams within the sport.

The website ensures fans have access to all recent updates and a clear view of the progression of the championship standings. Whether one’s interest lies in closely following the intense competition between drivers or tracking the success and performance of teams, guarantees the latest and most accurate information at their fingertips.


5. 4mula1stats

4mula1stats is a superb resource that allows visitors to explore the captivating world of Formula 1 with ease. Offering a comprehensive collection of historical data and statistics, the platform provides insights into the drivers, teams, grand prix events, and all the remarkable results dating back to the sport’s inception in 1950.

One of the standout features of 4mula1stats is its ability to enable users to compare drivers as well as generate custom statistics using their extensive database of Formula 1 records. So whether you’re a passionate fan seeking in-depth analysis or sports bettor unearthing the intricacies of the sport, 4mula1stats has your back.


Important F1 Stats For Betting

If you are interested in betting on F1 events, there are important statistics that I suggest you consider before placing bets:

  • Driver Performance: Analyse drivers’ past performance, including their recent race results, average finishing positions, podium finishes, and qualifying performances. Look for consistent performers with a track record of success.
  • Team Performance: Consider the performance of teams, including their historical success, current form, reliability, and their ability to develop competitive cars. Top-tier teams with strong track records tend to perform well consistently.
  • Track Characteristics: Each Formula 1 track has unique characteristics that can favor certain teams and drivers. Look at how drivers and teams have historically performed on the specific track where the race will take place.
  • Qualifying Results: Qualifying performance can be an indicator of a driver’s and team’s competitiveness. Pay attention to their grid positions as a higher starting position can provide an advantage during the race.
  • Weather Conditions: Weather can significantly impact race outcomes. Some drivers and teams excel in wet conditions, while others struggle. Stay updated on weather forecasts and consider how it may affect performance.
  • Strategy and Pit Stops: Analyse historical data to understand teams’ strategies, such as pit stop timings, tire choices, and overall race strategies. This information can help you anticipate potential advantages or disadvantages during a race.
  • Driver Head-to-Head: Compare head-to-head records between drivers, considering factors such as previous encounters, performance in similar conditions, and their historical rivalry. This analysis can provide insights into potential outcomes when the drivers face each other again.
  • Recent Form and Momentum: Consider the recent form of drivers and teams. A driver who has been consistently performing well in recent races may have an advantage over others.

Remember, these stats are just a starting point, and thorough research and analysis are crucial. Formula 1 is a complex sport with various influencing factors, so it’s important to assess multiple variables before placing any bets.

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