Professional Tipsters earn a living by recommending selections to their clients (sports bettors). Some punters are satisfied with the intel they receive, whilst others feel cheated. Relying on Tipster recommendations is a naive and risky approach to sports betting. So you need to approach it the right way.

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Recommended Tipster Products

1. Tipstrr — Automated Proofing of All Tipsters on the Network

Tipstrr was created in 2014 to provide an open platform for Tipsters. It connects Tipsters with sports bettors looking to improve their long term profitability.

The focus of Tipstrr is transparency, and keeping open and accurate records for all to see. To combat scams, Tipstrr have developed advanced tools to track a Tipster’s performance using odds data coming directly from the Bookies.

What differentiates Tipstrr from other platforms is that their proofing process is fully automated. The odds are checked against the market by computers; so there’s very little room for error.

Prices vary for each Tipster, and generally range between £0-30 per month. The majority of paid Tipsters offer some form of trial period, or heavy discount to new customers. The duration of the promotion varies from days to weeks.

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2. — Innovative Tipster Platform With Analytics Tools

The site was launched in 2020 by a group of sports betting enthusiasts with experience in value betting, arbitrage, following tipsters, and in-play betting. is predominantly aimed at intermediate bettors looking to compare odds, check statistics, and analyse their sports betting performance with ease. One of the site’s core features is its built-in tipster platform, neatly integrated with other on-site tools.

Anyone can become a tipster on Every tip is checked for validity against the odds available at bookmakers, and all bet results are automatically updated.

While is not yet the most popular tipster site, it’s certainly one of the most innovative. With its vast level of detail on tipster profiles, unique features, outstanding user interface, and seamless integration with odds comparison and bet analysis tools, it’s sure to attract punters and tipsters alike.

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3. Smart Betting Club — Fully Independent & Dedicated To Finding Profitable Tipsters

Launched in 2006, Smart Betting Club (formerly known as ‘Secret Betting Club’), is an independent and honest reviewer and assessor of tipster services, systems and strategies. Their service is primarily aimed at punters seeking legitimate proofing/information on tipsters.

Once you become a member of Smart Betting Club you’re ready to access all of their resources including the Tipster Ratings Index, PDF magazines (published every other month), detailed Tipster Profit Reports, free tipsters, and a tipster savings section.

SBC focuses on maintaining a ‘Hall of Fame’ of their best tipsters and provides exceptionally detailed reports on each of them. These reports are far more comprehensive than any others I’ve seen. In fact, SBC is one of the only tipster proofing services that manually analyses how the available odds differed from those advised, and underlines the impact this had on the profit.

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4. Betting Gods — Proofing for a Select Group of Tipsters

Betting Gods is a registered Tipster company established in 2014. The aim of the platform is to bring together different tipsters from various sports under a single site. I

Betting Gods enforces transparency, and imposes a strict verification process on all Tipsters featured on his network. Tipsters are also encouraged to explain their selections. This way subscribers are able to learn a bit more about the sport, and perhaps begin to approach their betting from a different angle going forward.

Betting Gods offers £1 for a full 30 day free trial. I highly recommend giving it a go. There’s absolutely nothing to lose (except a pound!). After the trial, prices vary for each Tipster, and generally range between £0-30 per month.

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