Review | Horse Racing AI Prediction Software is a simple, yet powerful, AI-driven sports betting tool that provides subscribers with a stream of profitable horse racing selections.

In this review I’ll be answering every key question about and how it works.


What Is is an in-browser horse racing bet finder developed by BRC IT Lab — which was founded by experienced gaming industry professionals. The product is cleverly branded with ‘Beth’, the computer AI, who provides subscribers with a stream of bet recommendations to place.

During race days subscribers receive a constant supply of bet recommendations directly to their browser window or mobile device, stating the currently available odds at the most prominent UK bookmakers. It’s over to the user to place them.


Is A Tipster Service?

At first glace you might assume is a horse racing tipster service. After all, it does provide selections on the horse racing markets that are designed to guide subscribers to a profit. However, there are clear differences between and traditional tipster services.

Firstly, while most horse racing tipster services focus on identifying over-priced selections prior to the race day, Beth’s suggested odds are available now. The software actively scans the markets in real-time to pick out value odds at any moment on the day itself. In that respect, it’s more of a value bet finder than anything else.

Furthermore,’s suggestions are completely computer-generated, while tipster selections are almost always picked and published by a human, even if part of that process leans on automation. So there are naturally a lot more opportunities to place bets using

Nonetheless, whether you’re looking for a tipster service, a value bet finder, or simply want to maximise the chance of beating the racing markets it’s all essentially in pursuit of the same thing: value bets. And that’s is what provides — albeit using different methods to other products on the market.


How Does Pick Profitable Selections?

The product uses it’s very own AI-driven method for identifying bets to place, but the company does not disclose how the numbers are crunched. The website states that Beth implements a complex algorithm which includes analysis of numerous parameters, including:

  • Desirable arbitrage situations
  • Conditions of horses and racecourses
  • Jockey statistics
  • Numbers of horses in a race

I have my own ideas of how might be identifying value, which I discuss further down in this review.


How Do You Use

It took me, quite literally, one minute to work out how to use It’s so simple.

Setting Up

Once you’ve logged into your it’s best to check your settings before diving in. For this you click on ‘Settings’. Review | Horse Racing AI Prediction Software

Here’s what the settings mean:

  • Bets on the Horse = the maximum number of selections to show per horse at one bookmaker.
  • Horse on the Race = the maximum number of bets to show per race at one bookmaker.
  • Min Odds = the minimum odds for selections to show.
  • Max Odds = the maximum odds for selections to show
  • Odds Threshold = how much below the advised odds you’re willing to bet at. The default is 15%.
  • Time till race = how long, in minutes, before the race to ignore new suggestions. The default is 30.
  • Update time = how many seconds between each refresh. The default is 15.

I left the settings as the default– that’s what Beth recommends as optimal. Although, personally I never feel comfortable betting as much as 15% below the advised odds unless I’m given significant proof that value is not entirely diminished by doing so. I’ll get onto this in the next section.

These settings section could benefit from additional parameters, such as:

  • Maximum open stake per horse (across all bookies).
  • Maximum open stake per race (across all bookies).
  • No arbs.

This could help to prolong the life of betting accounts, and evade restrictions.

Placing & Logging Bets

Once you’re satisfied with the settings, enter the ‘Workspace’ tab. This is where you’ll obtain a stream of bets to place.

You must select ‘Bookmakers’ drop-down list at the top. There are currently 11 options to choose from:

  • 10Bet, 888 Sport, Bet365, BetVictor, Betway, Coral, Ladbrokes, Netbet, Paddy Power, Poker Stars, William Hill immediately brings up a long list of bets at the selected Bookies, which refreshes as opportunities come and go. Review | Horse Racing AI Prediction Software

The advised (available) odds for each selection is the top number in the ‘Coef’ placed column. The bottom number represents the lowest odds you should take — which is determined by the threshold value in ‘Settings’.

To follow’s recommendations, you simply click the track name (in the ‘Place & Time’ column) to enter the Bookmaker’s website. From there you can log into your account and place the bet (assuming you’ve already pre-loaded it with funds!). Then come back to Beth, and hit ‘Save’ to log the bet.

The Workspace recommendations can also be placed at betting shops, and at race courses. Importantly, the odds often exist at other bookmakers and exchanges which aren’t listed on — so you can maximise your volume even more.

Things to note:

  • will not know which bets you’ve placed unless you log them manually.
  • A red asterix represents a horse that’s been bet on already. Avoid them if you want to limit your exposure on one selection.
  • You must alter the ‘Stake’ for each bet prior to logging it. In my case, I stuck with £1 per every bet to keep it simple.
  • It’s wise to bet only when the odds are exactly as advised, or very close. In my experience in using other services, taking lower odds than the ‘target’ values can result in break-even, or negative results. Be cautious.

Checking Results (By Bets)

The next most important section of is the ‘Stats’ section. This is where you’re able to view the results of your bets, without ever needing to manually verify them yourself.

The Stats section becomes a lot more useful once it is populated with bets. Then users have the ability to filter results by selected bookmakers and data ranges — as well as seeing ‘Beth’s results’ by unticking “Only saved predictions”. This last option reveals the maximum potential of, assuming all recommended bets are captured for the filters set.

The stats and graph of results are very easy to understand and give an excellent insight into the overall performance.

To improve this section further, I would like to see inform users by how what margin their selections beat the starting price — which is the simplest, and most telling method for determining whether a strategy is on the right track. In addition, it would be interesting to filter out which bets from the data set were arbs, and how they performed compared to regular non-arbs.

Checking Results (By Race)

A neat additional feature provided by is the the ‘Events Results’ tab. This is essentially the racecard for the day which also shows how much stake you have placed per horses in the race.

At a glance, it’s useful to see how much exposure you have riding on one race/horse: Review | Horse Racing AI Prediction Software


How Can I Be Sure That Works?

Well, that’s the big question about any sports betting service that promises to deliver profits to subscribers.

I was lucky enough to be granted full access to Pro, so that I could trial the software for myself and reach my own conclusions. And I’m pleased to say that there’s more than one reason to recommend

Advised Odds

With many betting services the odds stated, while theoretically great, just aren’t remotely obtainable. And that undermines those services entirely. That’s not the case with

The advised odds on are mostly available. In my trial of Beth, I found little difficulty obtaining the odds provided on the Workspace feed. I just had to be relatively quick.

Larger stake sizes, however, are often capped. That’s natural when there’s value on offer.

Potential Value

Now, most importantly of all, I needed to have some way of determining whether the odds are actually valuable to subscribers.

Instinctively I compared the odds advised by Beth to those available on Betfair, where the prices are most accurate and “fair”.

What I discovered was that consistently advises Bookmaker odds which lie somewhere between the Back and Lay odds at Betfair, and occasionally higher than both (i.e. arbitrage bets). This is a very promising sign, because if the odds were lower than the Betfair Back odds — as most Bookie prices are — then it would almost certainly fail to produce a profit over the long-run.

Beth Finds Hard-to-Get Prices

I often mention that, on average, the fair odds for a selection lies somewhere between the Betfair Back and Lay odds — but closer to the Back odds.

This is because often the Lay price, particularly on long shots, is so far ‘out there’ that it’s not truly reflective of the real-life probability. The problem for Betfair traders is that obtaining a desirable +EV price, which lies within that Back-Lay spread, relies entirely on liquidity: they have to request the bet and hope for the best.

But those bet requests often aren’t taken by other bettors, meaning the trader didn’t get the price they wanted, and has to settle for a lower price — or not bet at all.

This is significant because gets around that very problem by picking out odds available from outside of Betfair (at Bookies) that lie between the Back-Lay spread. I believe that the AI/statistical method behind Beth has a way of determining at what point within that spread that the price turns into value.

‘Betfair Spread’ Theory Explained

Let me elaborate on what I mean by +EV value being within the Back-Lay spread. Take the following random horse ‘Domestic Goddess’ as an example: Review | Horse Racing AI Prediction Software

This horse has a Betfair Back-Lay spread of 12.5 – 16.0. So in this case the fair odds are likely to be somewhere between those two values.

If we happen to know, for whatever reason, that the accurate fair price is 13.5, then we want to be betting at odds of over 13.5 to capture value. This is going to be difficult via Betfair due to the little money available — particularly if the race is much later on in the day. But often finds those desired odds readily-available at Bookies, for a limited time.

While I may be vastly over-simplifying the (rather secretive) process used by Beth’s model, the fact remains: if picks difficult-to-achieve prices significantly above the Betfair Back odds, and occasionally above the Lay odds, then there’s a very strong chance it’s finding value.

My Performance

The absolute best way to verify the profitability of any sports betting product is to collect as much data as possible. You always need a large enough sample size for variance to even out, and for the true edge to reveal itself.

I’m currently logging bets through, and have insufficient data to fully comment on the results. But the early signs are promising. I’ll report back here as soon as I’ve accumulated over 1,000 equal-stake bets.


Will Cause My Bookie Accounts To Be Limited?

It’s very likely to happen over time.

While Beth’s selections are not exclusively focused on arbitrage opportunities, or blatantly over-priced odds, there’s no doubt that Bookies will eventually identify your profitability, and limit your accounts.

On the plus side, the method uses is likely to remain undetected for longer than more obvious methods used by the vast majority of pro bettors. In fact, some users have reported that their bet recommendations are being accepted on their limited accounts.

Also keep in mind that there’s very little chance of being found out if you placed your bets a physical Bookmakers or racecourses.


How Much Does Cost? costs £39.99 per month for the Basic plan and £99.99 per month for the Pro version. Discounts apply for longer subscriptions.

Note that the basic plan is limited to 30 unique bet recommendations daily. For that reason I strongly advise to upgrade to the Pro version to maximise the value you receive. In theory, the ROI will high enough to cover the cost of the service given the large supply of bets (but it depends on your stake sizes, too). Review | Horse Racing AI Prediction Software


Final Verdict

The competitively-priced product gives horse racing bettors a strong chance of earning long-term profits by following the auto-generated recommendations provided through the software, and serves as a modern alternative to traditional tipster services.

Overall, considering is a relatively new product, it delivers exactly what it claims: value. The simplistic interface provides a stream of profitable selections at odds available at the bookies. And that’s exactly what racing bettors are looking for.

Yes, there are ways in which it can be improved and expanded — most obviously to include other sports, and a broader range of bookmakers and bet filters. But nonetheless stands out in the UK Horse racing space that’s saturated with tipster services and severely lacking in sophisticated value bet finders. It’s well worth the subscription fee and the time you devote to following the recommendations it gives.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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