Best Sites For MMA/UFC Statistics | Top MMA Stats Websites

For mixed martial arts (MMA) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) enthusiasts and passionate bettors, staying informed about the latest statistics and insights is crucial. Fortunately, there are several dedicated websites that cater to MMA/UFC fans, providing up-to-date information, comprehensive fight records, and detailed statistical breakdowns. Whether you’re interested in fighter profiles, event coverage, or rankings, these go-to sources are the perfect destinations for all your MMA/UFC statistical needs.


1. Fight Matrix is a website that specialises in providing comprehensive MMA and UFC statistics and rankings. It offers objective rankings based on factors like wins, losses, opponent strength, and recent performance. The site features historical data, fighter profiles, event coverage, and in-depth analysis. It serves as a valuable resource for fans and analysts seeking detailed and data-driven information about the MMA and UFC landscape.


2. Tapology is a website that focuses on providing MMA statistics and information. It offers detailed fighter profiles, including records and statistical breakdowns. The site features rankings, allows users to make fight predictions, and provides event coverage with statistical breakdowns. also fosters a community aspect where fans can engage in discussions and share opinions. It serves as a valuable resource for MMA enthusiasts seeking statistical information and community engagement.



The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is a unique MMA organisation that runs a sport-season format. The official PFL website features schedules, standings, results, and detailed fighter profiles. These profiles include various statistics, such as maximum punch speed, arm/leg/ground strikes, takedowns, and inner/outer zone percentages, offering fans in-depth insights into fighters’ performance and strategies.


4. is the official website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It provides fans with comprehensive information, including fighter profiles, event coverage, rankings, and performance bonuses. The site offers accurate and up-to-date UFC statistics, such as fighter records, fight history, and post-fight statistical breakdowns. It serves as a reliable source for fans looking for official UFC-related news and data.


5. Sherdog is a well-known and reputable website that provides comprehensive information and statistics about mixed martial arts (MMA). It features a fighter database, fight finder, rankings, event coverage, and news articles. Users can access fighter profiles, fight histories, event results, and live updates. is a valuable resource for MMA fans and analysts seeking accurate and up-to-date statistics and news.


Important MMA/UFC Stats For Betting

When it comes to betting on MMA or UFC, there are several important statistics to consider. While no single statistic can guarantee the outcome of a fight, analysing these factors can help inform your betting decisions:

  • Fighter Records: Evaluating a fighter’s win-loss record provides insight into their overall performance and experience in the cage. Consider both the number of wins and losses, as well as the quality of opponents they have faced.
  • Fighting Style and Skillset: Understanding a fighter’s style and skillset is crucial. Assess their striking ability, grappling skills, takedown defense, and submission prowess. This knowledge can help you determine how they match up against their opponent and predict potential outcomes.
  • Fight Finishes: Pay attention to the rate at which fighters finish their fights. Look at their knockout (KO) and submission (SUB) percentages to gauge their ability to end fights decisively.
  • Significant Strikes and Accuracy: Analysing the number of significant strikes a fighter lands per minute and their striking accuracy can provide insights into their striking efficiency and output.
  • Takedown Accuracy and Defense: Assessing a fighter’s takedown accuracy and defense is important, especially if the matchup involves a striker against a strong wrestler or grappler. It can indicate their ability to control the fight on the ground or avoid being taken down.
  • Fight Distance: Consider the average fight duration for each fighter. Some fighters excel in shorter fights and explosive finishes, while others may have a history of going the distance in longer bouts.
  • Recent Form: Assess the fighters’ recent performances and trends. Look for patterns such as winning streaks, losing streaks, or inconsistent performances that may affect their confidence and form heading into a fight.

Remember, analysing these statistics should be done in conjunction with other factors, such as understanding fight styles, analysing game plans, and staying informed about injuries or other external factors that may impact a fighter’s performance. Additionally, it’s essential to keep up with the latest news and analysis from reputable sources to make informed betting decisions.

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