What’s A Bet Broker? How Do Betting Brokers Work?

Bet Brokers fulfil the needs of professional, or “high roller”, clients. Their services are catered to bettors looking to place large stakes, at good odds, without the typical limitations imposed by Bookmakers (e.g. account closures for winners, stake restrictions).

Bet Brokers charge commission on stakes placed — or on deposits/withdrawals made — through their platform. Precise costs vary between different Bet Broker services.

So exactly what advantages do Betting Brokers provide? What do Bet Brokers offer that can’t be achieved using standard Bookmakers or Betting Exchanges?


1. High Stake Limits

Want to place large stakes on sports events?

You may be disappointed with the bet limits offered by standard Bookmakers. They regularly refuse large stakes in order to maintain balanced books (see the overround) — or simply because they suspect you’re betting on value and wish to mitigate risks. Either way, low limits infuriate loyal customers. So what’s the alternative?

There’s the betting exchanges, of course. But let’s face it — the liquidity on some sports markets is low unless you check-in at the right times (e.g. shortly before the event). Hence there’s a real need for a go-to site that’ll accept large stakes at any point.

Betting Brokers fill this void in the industry. They have the resources — the technology, partnerships at Bookies, access to overseas Sportsbooks — to accept bets that you’d otherwise struggle to place.

From the punter’s perspective the Bet Broker account behaves just like any normal betting account. Behind the scenes, however, several transactions occur to ensure the total stake is placed successfully.


2. Centralisation (Speed, Efficiency, Simplicity)

You might argue that with enough separate sports betting accounts you can achieve your total stake target. Sure — perhaps you can.

However, this approach is somewhat inefficient. It requires constant price checks, additional bankroll management, and increased admin. Keeping on top of an extensive list of betting accounts is not a practical approach when you need to act fast in order to capture the optimal price.

Bet Brokers offer the ability to use one centralised betting account to place some, if not all, of your bets. They often reveal the maximum stakes you’re able to place at a range of different industry-leading outlets (e.g. Pinnacle, SBO), with just one convenient click. This saves you the precious time that you can’t afford to waste in this game.


3. No Quibbles

One of the main benefits of Bet Brokers is that they’re incentivised by stakes — not losses.

A Bet Broker’s ‘ideal’ customer is one who regularly:

  • Deposits & withdraws
  • Places stakes / accumulates a large turnover.

Essentially, Betting Brokers earn their commission from transactions. So whether you win or lose with them is somewhat irrelevant (under the typical Bet Broker business model, anyway).

The advantage here is that you’re less likely to experience withdrawal hassles, as you might with Bookmakers who begrudge paying out large sums that dent their bottom line. Betting Brokers are unaffected by winners; so they ought to have customer satisfaction at the very top of their priorities.

It’s simple: if Brokers instil trust in their customers, then they’re likely to get repeat business. In turn, they’ll earn more commission.

For more on “no quibbles” betting, check out my list of Sports Betting Sites That Allow Winners.


4. Interface to Overseas Bookmakers

There’s a limited number of Bookmakers you can legally access from your country of residence. Licences & regulations restrict, and govern, online gambling.

So how can you bet on particular sports (and markets) when they’re only available to overseas customers?

Betting brokers provide an interface to a vast range of odds offered by sports betting vendors both inside and outside of your jurisdiction. You’re effectively able to indirectly place bets at those vendors via your Bet Broker account.

There’s even Betting Exchanges available via most reputable Bet Brokers — such as the Orbit exchange provided by BetInAsia and AsianConnect88.


5. Price Sensitivity

Whenever you place a bet at a typical Bookmaker site, you simply take the available odds. But what if you wish to wait for a price to improve before placing your bet?

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases you’ll just have to keep on refreshing the page/app in hopes of snapping up the odds you want.

Betting Brokers provide much-needed flexibility. Many of them allow customers to enter their stake and minimum odds — then they’ll do their utmost to get the bet away. In the meantime you’re free to do whatever you please! No more waiting around, pointlessly.


6. Best Odds

Bookmakers very rarely offer the best value. Your go-to alternatives are the following:

  • Betting Exchanges. Fantastic odds, and potentially your best option. Some markets lack liquidity, though.
  • Sharp Bookmakers. Again, great odds, and decent limits. But sharps such as Pinnacle aren’t available to all countries (UK included).

There’s often a snag that limits your options. In an ideal world you’d simply check every industry-leading sports betting site (Pinnacle, Betfair, SBO, etc), and pick the best price for your selection, regardless of any limiting factors.

That’s where Bet Brokers come in. Typically — with commission factored in — the odds work out at significantly better value than standard Bookmakers.

Given that the majority of profitable betting strategies make in the region of 1-10%, seeking the highest possible odds is vital. Indeed a seemingly small percentage makes a huge difference to the overall result.


Are There Any Disadvantages To Using Bet Brokers?

Yes, there’s some disadvantages worth noting:

  • Trust. You’re putting faith in a party to manage your money — often without the same protection in place as standard, high profile Bookmakers & Betting Exchanges.
  • No frills. If you’re the kind of player who enjoys placing multiples, dipping into the Casino section for a bit of fun, or taking advantage of a bonus from time to time, then a Bet Broker might not be for you. It really is sports betting in its most basic form.
  • Commission. It differs between Brokers, so you have to shop around to find the best deal. Always ensure that your estimated edge covers the expense.
  • Turnover requirements. Be aware of minimum turnover conditions as these tend to be highly strict at Brokerages.
  • Not always the best odds. Although the prices tend to be better than most popular Bookmakers, some Betting Brokers specialise in offering volume. You need to decide on what your main priorities are. Volume or price?

To overcome these disadvantages, refer to my shortlist of the Best Sports Betting Brokerages. Only legitimate, reputable, reliable Bet Broker services have made it to my site.


Recommended Brokers

Here’s the best, safest bet brokers. Note that several of them have country restrictions.

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