February 2019: Punter2Pro Update

It’s been a while since I provided an update of what’s been happening with Punter2Pro. Here’s the latest.


I Considered Selling Punter2Pro…

I have a lot of projects on the go, and it’s tough to manage everything. So I determined that my time needs to be rationed out to whatever is most valuable, or progressive.

Believe it or not, I contemplated selling this site to focus on other ventures.

Ultimately I decided against the idea, of course. To be honest I never really expected I would go through with a sale. I’ve worked too hard on Punter2Pro to let it go easily.

But I wanted to get an idea of how much potential buyers would be willing to pay for a site like this, and to obtain a valuation of the work I’ve put into it to date.

People certainly wanted to buy it — which I take as a compliment. But after receiving a few (pretty substantial) offers, I didn’t bite; it only served to reassure me that the work I put into this site is valuable.

Publishing content, gaining followers, increasing traffic, reaching new audiences, expanding — it all adds value regardless of whether it all immediately translates into an income. Reinforcing that fact was enough for me to want to keep hold of Punter2Pro for the long-haul.


Website Profitability, Traffic & Sustainability

This site is earning well. The profits continue to grow between 15-30% each quarter with no signs of slowing.

I’m steadily receiving 650-800 unique visitors per day, and the average time a user spends on the site is between 2.5-3 minutes. It’s very steady, but not much of an increase over the past four months.

Interesting fact: the average number of monthly visitors to this site could fill one of two current Premier League stadiums: Vicarage Road (Watford) or Turf Moor (Burnley).

My articles are occasionally referenced on external blog posts, and Punter2Pro is featured on several “best betting blog” lists (without me prompting them). Nowadays I’m also asked, on a daily basis, if I’ll accept third party guest posts on my site in exchange for payment.

These are all promising signs that suggest there’s the potential to turn the site into a more recognised ‘hub’ for sports bettors. I’ll have to constantly adapt as times change. For example, if arbitrage betting becomes largely obsolete, I’d look to replace that affiliate income stream with something else.

Overall I’m delighted with the performance and reception. Importantly, I believe there’s scope to improve in 2019.

Should I Allow Guest Content?

I’ve thought about it. But so far I’ve decided against it.

The main problem with guest content is that it’s highly biased. Which is fine — but guest posters in this industry are most likely to promote specific Bookmakers or Casinos. I don’t feel comfortable allowing content that might endorse unfamiliar brands that I don’t really know, or trust. The rewards aren’t worth the risks that come with it.

Also, I’m concerned that by adding content from various sources it’ll dilute the current message and create conflicts in tone.

For now I’d prefer to continue in the direction I’m heading — on my own. I know where I’d like to take Punter2Pro (read on), and I’m more motivated than ever to devote more time to it.

In fact, I’ve already made a start…


What’s New With Punter2Pro?

Behind the scenes I’ve made a lot of changes to this site and its content. Some adjustments aren’t immediately obvious, though.

Over the past two months I’ve…

Written New articles:

Reviewed products:
  • RebelBetting ValueBetting. I was granted 1 months access to their new value bet finder. It’s an excellent, competitively-priced product that delivers on its promises (as you would expect from Rebel). I’m now promoting it as the go-to option for novice value bettors.
  • BetBull. A sports betting app offering tipster integration and social media features (UPDATE: BetBull closed as of July 2022).
  • Betfair. Home to the world’s leading betting exchange. A long-overdue write-up on the Bookmaker section of the site, and the free bet they’re currently offering.
  • Smarkets. A Betfair alternative offering a (lower) 2% commission rate.
  • Matchbook. Another Betfair alternative offering low commission rates and active markets.
  • Several Bet Brokers. I’ve compiled an on-going list of the most reputable Bet Brokerages.

Promoted Services & Content:
  • Tipstrr. I want to raise awareness of Tipster platforms that rigorously monitor historical records. There are so many scammers out there to contend with; sites like Tipstrr combat the problem.
  • OddsMonkey. Punter2Pro provides an exclusive offer of £1 for 10 days (expires at the end of February, 2019)
  • Existing content from the blog. I felt that I’d maxed-out my reach via Google search results. So I decided to take to Twitter and Instagram to promote old & new content.

Added New Website Features:



What Topics Will Punter2Pro Cover In The Future?

There’s a lot more content to come in 2019. I’m aiming to cover/extend topics, such as:

  • Bitcoin for sports betting
  • Innovative sports betting products
  • Advice for new US sports bettors
  • Betfair trading techniques in action
  • Fantasy Football / Football Index
  • Spread betting site recommendations
  • Introduction to financial betting
  • Ups & downs of professional betting

I anticipate these topics will increase both traffic and profits.


Other Projects Outside of Punter2Pro

I’ve decided to cut back on freelance SEO & writing to focus on ongoing ventures of my own.

I won’t go into details of everything I’m working on — but two of my sports-themed projects might just interest you…


During World Cup 2018 myself and a friend launched a site & app named SportSesh. It’s designed to help sports fans find local bars showing their favourite team.

We started out by driving UK-based traffic to the site, and attempted to unite fans of the same team at bars in their nearest city centre. In theory, SportSesh members could enjoy games with other fans of their own kind…

The problem is, the “same fans at one pub” concept can only gain traction once our site has enough active users. Only then can we deliver the ‘home crowd’ atmosphere we’re aiming for. But we’re not quite at that stage yet.

So instead we’ve opted for a broader approach: to help football fans find all local bars showing their game, wherever they are. Which is perfect for those on-the-move for work, or away for the weekend in an unfamiliar town. It’s also pretty handy if you’re out and about and need to quickly find a closeby venue to watch the game.

The SportSesh map enables anyone to search for local sports bars.

punter2pro upate February 2019 - SportSesh, Pubs & Bars, Rectrix, Rectrix Sport, Website Traffic, Goalkeeping,

click “showing at this venue” to find out games and fan events going on there.

Fan Events will unite common fans at selected bars in all major city centres.

From a technical standpoint, SportSesh is in a great place. There’s some neat features we’ve implemented over the past month — such as fan searches, google map connectivity, and several social networking elements. It wasn’t easy.

Building out the database of bars is the next biggest challenge. Nonetheless we’re poised to become the most comprehensive sports bar finder in the UK, within the next six months.

In the future we’ll cover various popular destinations across Europe and the rest of the world. We envisage that wherever you are, you’ll be able to find bars and connect with people on one common interest — your sports club.

Rectrix Sport

On the theme of football, I’ve also launched my own Goalkeeping glove brand, Rectrix Sport.

I was once a goalkeeper myself, and have a lot of respect for those who decide to prevent goals rather than pursue the more glory-filled path of scoring them.

Designing the gloves and the brand took a lot of careful thought and research. But I’m very pleased with what’s been achieved on the product front. Rectrix 1.0’s are comfortable, high-performing, cost-effective gloves — with a neat traditional look.

The tough part is getting them (literally!) into the hands of the consumer. So I’ve devoted a lot of time into improving the Rectrix website, accepting payments through it, interacting on social media, running PPC ads campaigns, and driving traffic onto my Amazon listing.

It’s all slowly building. Reviews are consistently positive, and the gloves have became the go-to choice for several amateur goalkeepers in the UK. It fills me with optimism that customers are beginning to choose Rectrix above the top-name brands it competes with in the same market (Nike, Adidas, Reusch, Under Armour, etc).

punter2pro upate February 2019 - SportSesh, Pubs & Bars, Rectrix, Rectrix Sport, Website Traffic, Goalkeeping,

The feedback I’ve received from goalkeepers has inspired some new glove designs that I’ll be working on in the near future.

If you happen to play football, then don’t forget that every team has a goalkeeper! Grab a pair of Rectrix 1.0 Goalkeeper Gloves from Amazon for just £29.99 + free delivery. You won’t be disappointed with them.

I’ll keep you up to date with more news in the near future.

Thanks for reading this site — I really appreciate it, and it motives me to write more.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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