Winning Methods

Start Your Betting Journey

Ready to begin your professional sports betting journey? This site can help set you on the right track.

For the maximum chance of success, I recommend that the above techniques are tackled in “phases”, where you progress according to your experience level.

Phase 1: Use Risk-Free Strategies

If you’re completely new to betting strategies (or even sports betting as a whole), I recommend that you start out with Matched Betting, and move onto Arbitrage Betting.

These two (very similar) risk-free betting strategies will boost your bankroll. They’ll also help you to grasp how the sports betting markets differ between bookmakers and exchanges, and what it takes to generate money from them.

By mastering Matched Betting and Arbitrage you’ll be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills required for taking on more complex, higher risk techniques later on down the line.

Phase 2: Find Value Bets

Unlike Matched Betting or Arbing, Value Betting carries risk — so this approach is recommeneded for seasoned bettors with a sizeable bankroll.

Value betting is the crux of any successful betting strategy, and it can be achieved in many ways, including:

  • Following out-of-the-box value bet feeds
  • Using reliable, proofed tipsters
  • Analysing statistics to identify price inaccuries
  • Identifying little-known “niches” in sports
  • Refining your selection method

Much of this site is focused on the logic and reasoning behind value betting, and why it needs to be at the forefront of your strategies.

Phase 3: Become A Trader

Armed with the foundations and experience of Value Betting, you’ll be in a solid position to start trading on the betting exchanges. Many of the same principles apply (e.g. odds, market movements, the importance value), but trading requires a whole new set of skills.

Sports trading markets are both competitive and efficient – so you’ll need to work hard to fight your way into the so-called “1% club” of consistently profitable traders. But the upsides in doing so are, potentially, enormous. The scope for growth and automation goes far beyond many other forms of betting.

On this site I aim to point out common errors made by sports traders, and what techniques you can use to better predict the markets. I also recommend the best trading tools available, which are essential for serious bettors!

Challenges & Limitations

It’s not always going to be plain-sailing throughout your sports betting journey. There will be inevitable bumps in the road.

Here’s some of the main issues you’re likely to encounter.

Bookmaker Restrictions

Bookmakers make life difficult for anyone exploiting their promotions or odds. 

Taking advantage of free bets is generally tolerated up to a point. But your betting accounts aren’t going to survive long while betting on arbs or value bets. In time your stakes will be heavily reduced, or completely “zeroed”, rendering your account(s) useless. In the most extreme cases, your account will be closed entirely.

I recommend plenty of “Winners Welcome” betting sites to help get around this problem.

Winning Isn't Easy

Devising your own sports betting model or trading strategy is potentially very rewarding — but nobody’s going to tell you their secrets. So it’s over to you to find something that works on a consistent basis.

Creating, analysing and refining a sports betting model requires time, dedication and skill. Hence why so many bettors fail to generate a long-term profit.

Throughout Punter2Pro I offer tools, tips and words of wisdom. But outside of the proven strategies I recommend (e.g. arbitrage betting), your continued success will comes down to how much you’re willing to push to outsmart the markets.

Losing Your Edge

Whether you’re following a tipster or your own strategy, there’s no guarantee that previously profitable methods will maintain their good track record going forward.

Crucially, what’s working now doesn’t necessarily keep working in the future.

Throughout this site I reiterate the importance of adapting, improving, being critical of your methodologies and above all, keeping realistic expectations.

Portfolio Building

Much like a financial investor spreads funds around in varied stocks and shares, a serious bettor should think about creating a diverse “betting portfolio” of different types of bets. That way successes from one approach will cover – or at least offset – losses from another.

You should build your betting portfolio according to:

  • Profitabilty – what methods work best for you?
  • Accounts – where can you place your bets?
  • Time constraints – what suits your schedule?
  • Technical skill – what limitiations do you have on a mathematical/technical level?
  • Bankroll – how much will your betting ‘pot’ allow you to do?
  • Risk tolerance – what are you comfortable putting at risk?

It’s now over to you now to forge your career in professional sports betting! Be sure to read through the articles on this site for guidance along the way.